A significant chunk of my week is made up of fixing broken links in our link resolver (we’re using Gold Rush, not SFX, but I’d guess the breakdown is about the same percentage-wise). Frankly I’m not sure enough is being made here of the quality of the user interface. Most library link resolver interfaces are terrible and confusing to users—and a lot of this writer’s accounting of the 39% of “unknown” problems look like user confusion to me.

Preservation is an ongoing source of concern with regard to digital scholarship—something even a go-online, go-OA advocate such as myself can appreciate. But it can’t be left to commercial enterprise, either. (Though see also Dorothea Salo’s comment concerning HathiTrust and Portico—and nobody mentioned LOCKSS at all.)

The general theme: less print, more digital, and e-books have arrived. Now, about open access…

It’s pretty clear that library spaces have to reconfigure or go away. The one where I work is one of the busiest buildings on campus, but it’s a study and collaboration space (with research assistance) rather than a place where one goes primarily to browse or locate print journals.